Tender for purchase of machinery & equipment Items for M-2 North, Chakri

Open Auction of 247 NH&MP Vehicles

Certificate distribution ceremony of NH&MP officials as First Responder Course at Islamabad

Tender for purchase of office Stationery items for N-1 sector, Khairabad

Tender for purchase of Traffic Cones for M-2 (North), Chakri

Tender for purchase of Misc. articles for Headquarters

Tender for purchase of Uniform, Computer and Machinery Equipment, Computer Stationery and Misc. Items for NH&MP Headquarters, Islamabad

Tender for Purchase of Furniture/Fixture and Lubricants for North Zone

Tender for Purchase of Miscellaneous, Machinery, Furniture and Computers for West Zone

Tender for Purchase of Mess Canopy, Overhauling of Engine and Ceiling Fans for NH&MP Training College, SKP