Motorway Police has started stern action against habitual offenders.

NH&MP has decided to take strict action, against habitual offenders of traffic laws. Despite, the instructions and briefings to the commuters to follow traffic rules, fasten seat belt, observe speed limit and lane discipline, careless and reckless driving is observed, especially by PSVs drivers, that results into fatal accidents. Upon the direction of Inspector General, NH&MP has initiated strict legal action against such lawbreakers. As a first step, NH&MP has banned entry of 08 buses, 34 wagons, 05 coasters and 03 trailers on the motorways for the period of 15 days. These vehicles either violated speed limit or lane discipline more than 05 times. The NH&MP headquarters, has started maintaining computerized records of all the vehicles and violators for better implementation of given directions. The Latest software is being used, to get the record of all pervious violations of the commuter instantly. 

NH&MP spokesperson said “Driving license will be suspended for the period of 06 months if speed limit is violated thrice. It’s a clear warning for youngsters who risk their lives while driving recklessly”.