Rank wearing ceremony of 32 newly promoted Patrol Officers was held NH&MP LHQ Islamabad

On the recommendations of Departmental Promotion Committee of National Highways and Motorway Police (32) Assistant Patrol Officers (BS-09) of Headquarters Zone have been promoted as Patrol Officer (BS-14). The rank wearing ceremony of promoted Patrol Officers was held at NH&MP Driving Licensing Authority Islamabad. The Deputy Inspector General (Headquarters) Muhammad Zubair Hashmi was the chief guest of the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Assistant Inspector General, Jamil Ahmad Hashmi and other senior Officers of National Highways & Motorway Police. The AIG Jamil Ahmad Hashmi expressed his hope in welcome address that the traffic discipline will increase when the promoted officers get in to the professional field. The Chief Guest of the ceremony the DIG (HQs) Muhammad Zubair Hashmi congratulated the newly promoted officers. Newly, promoted officers will undergo a special training program focusing on developing and enhancing traits like honesty, courtesy, integrity and help. He advised promoted officers to work hard with dedication for the goodwill of the department. NH&MP is known all over Pakistan for its courteous, well mannered and friendly dealings with the public. People from all segments of society, peers and life acknowledge the courteous dealing and it is imprinted on the minds of all NH&MP officers. These qualities are the matter of pride for us. He further said that the exceptional performance of the National Highways and Motorway Police was a result of officers integrity, courtesy and enthusiastic help to travelers in distress.

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