Special Patrolling – No Penalty on Traffic Violation

A Special patrolling was conducted in all operational zones upon the directions of Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema. All SSsP, DIsG and patrolling officers participated in the special patrolling which was conducted on Motorways and National Highways (Peshawar – Karachi) including Quetta, Gawadar, Pasni and Hub. The patrolling was aimed at educating and sensitizing road users about the importance of road safety and traffic laws. Drivers committing violations, especially related to speed limit and seat belt, were stopped and were imparted with road safety education instead of penalization, hoping that they would obey traffic laws in future. Approximately, 43,000 drivers were sensitized during the campaign, 18,000 road safety pamphlets were distributed and 500 road users in distress were provided help. 

“We believe that you would act like a good citizen and will obey traffic laws” Motorway Police.