Motorway Police establishes “wake up points”

Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema directed all Zonal Commanders(Deputy Inspectors General) to establish ‘wake-up points’ at different locations in their jurisdiction. Following the direction, as many as 45 ‘wake-up points’ were established at different locations on highways and motorways. The main objective of this activity is to make the tired drivers once again fresh and active. At wake up points, the officers of Motorway Police stop all kind of vehicles especially public transport vehicles, for a while and impart different fresh up techniques amongst drivers, like washing face, taking hot beverages and walk for a while. A short stop-over at ‘wake-up points’ makes driver active and fresh and ready to take on drive. It is expected that this healthy activity will ensure safe journey on highways and motorways and will minimize these traffic accidents which are caused due to dozing at the wheels.

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