Meeting with transporters delegation

A transporters delegation met with the Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police Muhammad Saleem Bhatti at Islamabad. The delegation was lead by Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi, Chairman All Pakistan Oil Tanker Association and Oil Tanker Union. The General Secretary Hanif Khan Murawat Super Council of All Pakistan Transporters and other members of the association accompanied them. The Inspector General briefed the delegation about the issuance of international standard driving license by NH&MP which will be extended throughout the country. The Inspector General offered the delegation to train their drivers by the professional officers of NH&MP. The delegation also visited the Motorway Police Driving Licensing Authority Islamabad. While talking to the delegation, the Inspector General reiterated that overloading is the major cause of destruction of national roads and is a burden on public exchequer, therefore, no overloading would be allowed on Motorways & Highways. While sharing his views, the inspector general said that our roads infrastructure is the back bone of our economy therefore, it is our collective responsibility to prevent these roads from damages caused by overloading and say no to overload. The Chairman All Pakistan Oil Tanker Association Alliance and other office bearers assured the IGP that their association would fully cooperate in overloading control. The delegation further assured the Inspector General that their association will help Motorway Police in establishing Driving Training Schools and Driving Licensing Authorities. The delegation will also visit Kamra Driving Training School on Monday.



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