Study tour of 42nd batch of under training ASsP

The transformation in police culture is the need of time. There has always been a deficit of trust between police and public. The responsibility of police is to protect the life and property of people. The newly inducted  police officers should revive the trust of people into police system. It is absolutely  wrong concept that there are lack of resources and tremendous internal and external pressure which stop the police officer to deliver. If you do your work honestly then no hurdle would come in your way.  I have strong believe that police department  the most  important because the safety of life and property of people is in the hands of police. You are lucky that you have chosen the profession of police. You should do your duties efficiently and protect the life and property of people. In return you will be rewarded both here and hereafter. This was stated by the IG, NH&MP while address the study tour of 42nd batch of under training ASsP.  He advised the ASsP to pay full attention towards their work because difficulties arise only when an officer tries to do the work of his senior officer or subordinates without any reason. Your responsibility is to perform your own duty and make your subordinate to perform their optimum.

There are lots of complaints against the present police system whereas Motorway Police has always been an exception for its honesty, courtesy, and professionalism. He added that no organization can excel with good vehicles and handsome salaries.  It is the honesty, courtesy, proactive approach and spirit to help the people in distress which make an organization prominent.  It is an alarming fact that every year  thousands of  people are died in road crashes in Pakistan. This happens particularly due to lack of road safety awareness.  In Pakistan, Motorway Police is the pioneer in properly introducing the terminology of road safety and in creation of road safety awareness. He advised the under training ASsP to be thankful to the Almighty Allah Who has chosen them for this sacred profession.  He said that  the young ASsP are our hope and they should revive the trust of police with their good performance and attitude. He urged that ASsP should start their career with good ambitions to serve the public