INL (USA) Handed over 45 Police Bikes; 50 Day & Night Vision Speed Checking Systems and 500 Bulletproof Vests to NH&MP

             Head of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) in Pakistan Mr. Ramon Chico Negron handed over a fleet of 45- Police Motorbikes, 50-Day & Night Vision Speed checking Systems and 500 Bulletproof Vests to the National Highways & Motorway Police at a ceremony held at NH&MP Line Headquarters today. These Police motorbikes, Bullet Proof Vests and Speed Checking Systems would be used in their daily operations which will ensure free flow of traffic and beneficial to save human lives on highways & motorways.        He assured that such cooperation with Ministry of Communications and NH&MP shall continue in future so that the precious live of road users can be protected.

            Mian. Alam Dad Laleeka, Parliamentary Secretary for Communications said that Motorway police is serving the nation for the past 18 years and uphold its high standards of professionalism. I commend the leadership and all officers of the department for their continuing efforts. National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) is performing excellent job in saving the lives of road users and have succeeded to establish the law abiding culture in the country. He said that this is well demonstrated by the fact that its jurisdiction continues to expand. Mr. Laleeka said that setting up of Road Safety Institutes at district level to impart driving training among masses is a major step in the right direction to bring positive attitudinal change.

            Mr. Chico Negron, Director INL said that motorway police is professionally sound and progressive department with zero intolerance on corruption. He further added that the police bikes and speed checking devices would complement the endeavors of motorway police towards road safety.

            The Inspector General National Highways & Motorway Police said that during the past 18 years, NH&MP has attained the status of the premier and lead traffic regulation and enforcement agency in Pakistan. By sticking to its core values of honesty, courtesy and help, NH&MP has won hearts of the public. People look towards us as guards and guides which is a matter of pride and great satisfaction for us. NH&MP has established Road Safety Training Institutes at district level in the country to impart standardize driving training to the people. He said that these bikes would be used for patrolling on highways particularly in urbanized and congested areas. This would ensure smooth and free flow of traffic with saving valuable time. Over speeding at night has been a challenge on motorways but the same is being effectively controlled through speed checking devices. He said that the new speed checking devices would also help in minimizing accidents and severity of injuries. He thanked the INL (USA) for providing a gift of Police Bikes, Day & Night Speed Checking Systems and Bulletproof Vests to National Highways & Motorway Police.

            In the end of the IGP presented shields to the Parliamentary Secretary for Communications Mian Alam Dad Laleeka and Director INL (USA) Mr. Ramon Chico Negron.

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