A complain highlighted on social media & strict action by DIG Motorways Imtiaz Shah

“An incident of an attempt of robbery by pelting stone on window of car at 10:30 pm on the intervening night of 8/9 September 2016 was highlighted by a complainant Omar Shahzad on social media….

On the directions of DIG Motorways Imtiaz Shah, the matter was immediately inquired by the concerned SSP/Sector commander Masroor Alam Kolachi along with DPO Sargodha. They visited the spot, inquired the matter and fixed responsibility on officer of NH&MP who did not follow SOP properly and did not respond to commuter positively. Delinquent officer SI/PO M.Iqbal has been suspended and departmental proceedings have been initiated against him.

Moreover upon directions of DIG Motorways, patrolling has been intensified in sensitive areas of adjoining beats through special crime squads. District police has also been coordinated in this regard. DPO Sargodha has beefed up security in these areas through special patrolling of Elite and Police Station mobile.”