Success of the Motorway Police is Based upon Team Work and Collective Wisdom, IG, Shaukat Hayat

Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police Shaukat Hayat has stressed upon the officers of Motorway Police to behave with the commuters with great respect and courtesy. He said that rule of law be ensured in all respects and no discrimination is made because of any rank or respect. He said that every road user must be given equal respect while dealings on Motorways and on Highways. While speaking to the police officers he said that the success of the Motorway Police is based upon team work and collective wisdom and these doctrine is being followed in the successful institution of the world. He warned all the officers that no complaint of misbehaver or high-handedness would be tolerated in any condition. He stressed upon the officers to take great care of the road users in distress, as the provision of help, their Counseling and Guidance to the road users is the hallmark of Motorway Police and we must sustain this credibility.  He stressed upon the officers that Lane Discipline must be enforced in all conditions on highways and on motorways. The Inspector General Shaukat Hayat and DIG Ghulam Rasul Zahid pinned the batches of promotion to the newly promoted DIG Abbas Ahsan and Nasir Mehmood Satti

Promotion 03-03-17 (1)

Promotion 03-03-17 (3)