NH&MP Capacity Building Program : Lecture on Advancements in Computer Networks

Lecture for IT Staff 30-11-17 (1)

Capacity building of employees plays a pivotal role in success of any department. Being a progressive organization, NH&MP give equal importance to capacity building of its employees. Considering its importance IGP Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam has taken an initiative of capacity building of all cadres. In compliance with directions of IG, NH&MP, Mr. Badar ul Hassan, Head Computer Bureau, NH&MP organized a capacity building lecture for IT Staff of NH&MP at CPO (HQ), Islamabad. In this regard, Associate Professor Dr. Faisal Bashir, Head of Department of Computer Science, Bahria University, Islamabad was invited to deliver lecture on Advancements in Computer Networks: Past, Present and Future Trends. Dr. Faisal Bashir discussed an overview of conventional as well as modern technologies of computer networks. He briefly demonstrated the pros and cons of technologies that were being used in past. Moreover, he highlighted the ongoing evolution of computer communication and networks and outlined the paradigm shift that has resulted in past few decades. He concluded his lecture with the future projections regarding data traffic emerging from mobile devices. DIG (O&E) Ghulam Rasul Zahid, SSP M-1 Aftab Ahmed Mahsud and IT Staff of NH&MP attended the lecture. DIG (O&E) presented shield to the guest speaker Dr. Faisal Bashir at the end of the lecture. Certificates were distributed among participants by Guest Speaker, DIG (O&E) and SSP M-1

Lecture for IT Staff 30-11-17 (2)