American Government Provided 10 Ambulances (Worth Almost 180 Million) to NH&MP


American Ambassador David Hale handed over a fleet of 10 Ambulances (worth almost 180 million) to the National Highways & Motorway Police at a ceremony held at NH&MP Line Headquarters today. This act underscores the American government’s long and fruitful efforts to support Pakistan’s law enforcement capacity and assist NHMP in its mission to promote safe and secure Pakistani highways. These Ambulances would be used in their daily operations which will ensure free flow of traffic and beneficial to save human lives on highways & motorways. Ambassador Hale praised National Highways and Motorway Police, noting ”since 1997, NH&MP has built a national reputation for honesty, professionalism, and public service. Motorway Police job is to save lives and help those in need, no matter the dangers-while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.” Ambassador Hale also welcomed NH&MP’s efforts to recruit and retain women into its police force, which has nearly four times as many policewomen on its force, as compared to the national average of all police organization, at testament to NH&MP’s culture of professionalism and inclusiveness. NH&MP will place the ambulances in strategic locations throughout Pakistan to respond promptly to emergencies.
For almost 40 years, the United State and Pakistan have worked to improve citizen security and enhance Police capacity across Pakistan. This cooperation includes providing protective gear for police officers; constructing police training centers and other infrastructure and training some 18,000 police personnel on investigation, forensics, leadership and modern policing practices.
Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry Minister of State for Communications said that the venture between NH&MP and INL started in August 2014. and 50 speed checking cameras, 45 motorcycles,500 bullet-proof-vests, 10 ambulances and 5 coasters have been donated by INL to NH&MP. Muhammad Junaid Chuadhry said that the Motorway police is serving the nation for the past 20 years and uphold its high standards of professionalism. I commend the leadership and all officers of the department for their continuing efforts. National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) is performing excellent job in saving the lives of road users and have succeeded to establish the law abiding culture in the country. He said that this is well demonstrated by the fact that its jurisdiction continues to expand. He said working with INL not only is our pride but also its pride for INL that they are working with Pakistan’s best institution that is National Highways and Motorway Police.
Secretary for communications, Furqan Bahadur Khan said in his address that INL works to keep Americans safe at home by countering international crime, illegal drugs and instability abroad. INL helps countries deliver justice and fairness by strengthening their police, courts, and corrections systems. these efforts reduce the amount of crime and illegal drugs reaching U.S shores.
The Inspector General National Highways & Motorway Police said that during the past 20 years, NH&MP has attained the status of the premier and lead traffic regulation and enforcement agency in Pakistan. By sticking to its core values of honesty, courtesy and help, NH&MP has won hearts of the public. People look towards us as guards and guides which is a matter of pride and great satisfaction for us. He said that the average traffic count on National Highways and Motorway Police is 0.65 million vehicles per day. On Motorways traffic volume per day is 0.17 million whereas on GT Road (N-5) traffic volume per day is 0.45 million. On N-25éN-10 Highways traffic volume is 0.02 million per day. IG said according to WHO Global Status Report, more than 1.2 million persons die on the world’s road every year and as many as 50 million are injured. Over 90% of the deaths occur in Low-income and middle-income countries. 49% of all road traffic deaths are among pedestrians, cyclyst and motorcyclist. As motorization increases, road traffic injuries are predicted to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. He thanked the INL (USA) for providing a gift of a fleet of 10 Ambulances, to National Highways & Motorway Police. In the end of the ceremony Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry Minister of State for Communications presented a souvenir to the American Ambassador David Hale, Secretary for communications, Furqan Bahadur Khan and IG, NH&MP presented a souvenir to Mr. Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry Minister of State for Communications