Inauguration Ceremony of NH&MP Drivers Licencing Authority

Drivers Licensing Authority would be another feather in National Highways & Motorway Police cap. NH&MP is the department that is recognized at international level. These views were expressed by State Minister for Communications, Abdul Hakeem Baloch during the inauguration ceremony of new Drivers Licensing System at NH&MP Headquarters, Islamabad. The Minister said that every year thousands of innocent people get involved in road accidents due to poor road conditions, unfit vehicles and most of the all untrained drivers. The Sate Minister appreciated the new transparent system of issuance of licenses based on globally accepted criterion that would meet international standards. 

During his address, Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said licenses would be issued to only those persons who pass a very elaborate and comprehensive theoretical and practical driving test under the new system. Its distinctive features will make it a credible document, nationally as well as internationally. Speaking at the occasion, the Inspector General explained the salient features of the new driving license and told “First time in the licensing history, driving licenses will be issued to the handicapped drivers, overseas Pakistanis and diplomats without any hassle. There will be about 14 exposed and hidden security features in the NH&MP driving license and it could not be forged or tempered.” 

The Inspector General said that Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTVs) and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) would be divided into new categories according to their loading capacity, number of wheels, and seating capacity. All information provided by the applicant would be verified through NADRA and licenses would be delivered only by authorized courier service, he added. To discourage driving of HTVs and PSVs by young and inexperienced drivers, strict new conditions, in terms of age and experience, have also been introduced for LTVs, HTVs and PSVs, the Inspector General, Zulfiqar Cheema said. 

The inspector general further informed that NH&MP would initially start issuance of drivers’ licenses from Islamabad, but subsequently, it would expand this facility to other parts of the country. Many road safety experts have welcomed this new trend setting initiative by National Highways and Motorway Police. The ceremony was attended by the bureaucrats, senior police officers, diplomats, media personnel, members of civil society and large number of citizens.

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