Annual Awards Ceremony

The annual awards ceremony of NH&MP was held in the National Highways & Motorway Police Driving Licensing Authority’s Hameed Shakeel Shaheed Auditorium  Islamabad. The former Inspector General of Police  & Federal Secretary Iftikhar Rashid was the chief guest of the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Inspector General National Highways & Motorway Police Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam, DIG (HQs) Ishfaq Ahmad, DIG (Operations) Abbas Ahsan, AIG Fazal-e-Hamid, SSP (HQs) Adeel Shazad, CPO NH&MP Driving Licensing Authority Inam Elahi other senior officers and officials.

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While addressing the award ceremony, The former Inspector General of Police  & Federal Secretary Iftikhar Rashid has lauded the performance of NH&MP while addressing the annual award ceremony of motorway police and said that Motorway Police had become a symbol of pride for our Nation. The officers of NH&MP have been able to demonstrate unprecedented hard work and devotion to the department’s core values of Integrity, Courtesy, Help and Rule of Law. He said the selfless service to the citizens of Pakistan has made all of us very proud. He lauded the role of NH&MP in imparting road safety education and awareness to the common road users, with an aim to reduce number of accidents. The International organizations have declared NH&MP as corruption free and role model for government institutions. The Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam said in his address during the  Annual Awards Ceremony of NH&MP that the exceptional performance of the National Highways and Motorway Police was a result of officers integrity, courtesy and enthusiastic help to travelers in distress.

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He said NH&MP is service oriented force and provision of prompt help to the distressed road users is the hallmark of the department.  He said that different methods like lectures at educational institutions, factories and bus stands, Radio/TV programs, workshops, walks, rallies and seminars on road safety in many cities of Pakistan have been adopted to impart traffic education to road users. He said that these initiatives are helping in reducing the accident rate and citizens are observing road discipline. He further said that best medical policy will soon be launched for NH&MP employees & their families and Constables/head Constables  promoted. IG, NH&MP Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam presented shield to the former Inspector General of Police  & Federal Secretary Iftikhar Rashid  and thanked all the guests who attend the ceremony.