15th Annual Awards Ceremony


It is an established fact that morale and motivation of employees of any organization predominantly depends on the inbuilt system of integral positive incentives and reward for them. The employees have to be sure and convinced that the organizational reward system has strong institutional footholds and is based on a just, fair and transparent mechanism. The National Highways and Motorway Police have had a glorious history and tradition of rewarding its officers with handsome cash prizes and commendation certificates from the highest level and on 25th February, 2014 another remarkable event was organized to honor the outstanding male and female officers in recognition and acknowledgement of their hard work, zeal and commitment towards official duties.

The 15th Annual Awards Ceremony of NH&MP was especially held in the President’s Secretariat Islamabad to appreciate and recognize the extreme hard work and dedication of its best of the best officers. It was for the first time when the annual awards ceremony was held in the President’s Secretariat and the honorable President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Mamnoon Hussain himself graced the occasion and rewarded the officers with cash prizes and commendation certificates. It was indeed a moment of great pride and absolute self-satisfaction for the members of the most well reputed police organization of the country when no one less than the head of the state came forward to appreciate their performance and decorated them.

The ceremony was held in a very graceful manner and the charisma and grandeur of the environment had taken everyone into a visible spectacular trance. The majestic grand hall and dignified arrangements made for the annual awards ceremony had created a mesmerizing impression on everyone even the guests were feeling elevated just by being present and witnessing a great moment of a lifetime of few extremely hard working and efficient officers of the NH&MP. The ceremony was attended by the federal ministers, diplomats, senior bureaucrats; senior police officers, retired IGs, members of the Islamabad chamber of commerce, eminent educationists, renowned doctors, lawyers, senior journalists and prominent personalities of the civil society.

The Inspector General NH&MP Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema in his welcome address said that the NH&MP had become a symbol of pride for the nation and was declared as icon of excellence by the national and international organizations. He highlighted that the exceptional performance of the National Highways and Motorway Police was a result of its officers’ unblemished integrity, extreme courtesy and selfless motivation to offer help to the travelers in distress.

He reiterated forcefully that the core values of integrity, courtesy and help were the main pillars of the organizational strength and its importance cannot be ignored or overlooked by the leadership of NH&MP. The IGP further stressed that the positive image and reputation of NH&MP was an asset which was very dear to every member of the service and there will be no compromise if someone dares to tarnish the hard earned image and name of the department. The IG NH&MP Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said that the glorious image of NH&MP was a valuable asset for the department and it should be protected at all costs. He proudly shared that the inbuilt system of accountability was so certain, reliable and efficient that no one can even think of indulgence into unwarranted practices. He proudly shared that the international organizations had declared NH&MP the only corruption free institution of Pakistan and it had attained the status of being a role model for other government institutions. He further added that equal application of law was ensured and many VVIP’s were fined for not observing the traffic rules and regulations.


Annual Reward 2012-13

Annual Reward 2012-13

He also stated that NH&MP officers were rendering help to more than 5000 motorists and road users every day. He further stated that the rate of accidents on roads had dropped by more than 60%. He also said that road safety was being given a special importance and different methods like lectures at educational institutions, factories and bus stands, Radio/TV programs, workshops, walks, rallies and seminars were adopted and events were organized throughout the country to educate road users. He further stated that these initiatives had helped in reducing the numbers of fatal and non-fatal accidents and road users were following traffic rules and regulations which had improved traffic discipline on motorways and GT road. IGP NH&MP assured that despite of all limitations, the members of his service shall not leave to achieve and maintain the next level of excellence. The Federal Minister of State Sheikh Aftab Ahmad also lauded the performance of NH&MP while addressing the ceremony. He said that NH&MP had become a symbol of pride for our nation and the officers of NH&MP were able to demonstrate unprecedented hard work and devotion to the department’s core values of Integrity, Courtesy, Help and Rule of Law. He said that the selfless service to the citizens of Pakistan had made the country proud. He lauded the role of NH&MP in imparting road safety education and awareness to the common road users, with an aim to reduce number of accidents. The minister further reiterated and assured that the Government would provide all kind of resources to NH&MP in its noble quest of saving lives of the innocent road users and making our roads safer.

At the end of the ceremony, the President Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain distributed awards among the best performing officers and 40 male and female field officers received the annual awards. In his address, the President showed extreme satisfaction with the performance of NH&MP and urged that the organization should hold its core values high, on priority and strive to achieve next level of excellence. He appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of NH&MP for achieving the status of an icon of excellence and the only corruption free institution of the country in the public sector. The President further assured that all the required resources would be provided to the department for rendering even an improved quality of service to the road users and all the demands made by the  IGP were endorsed by the President. The President, acknowledging the name of the department, concluded his speech on the following note:

‘Izzat unhi kay wastay – Jinkay chalan durust’


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In the end, the IG NH&MP Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema presented a shield to the President Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain and thanked all the guests who had spared time to attend the ceremony and witnessed some memorable moments of the life of NH&MP officers.



Address of IGP Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema – 15th Annual Award Ceremony