NH&MP Special Initiatives

Suspension and removal of ill reputed officers.  
Zero tolerance for any sort of corruption.  
Promotion of culture of honesty and fairness.
Special emphasis on core values   Honesty


   Help to road users

Courteous-2 Courteous-3
Provision of help to road users in a proactive manner. 
   Help1 Help2

Enforcement Initiatives

Effective enforcement of laws to make the highways & motorways safe for the road users.
Speed Check3 Speed Check2
         Abolition of VIP culture
  VIP2   VIP1

No operational vehicle & operational force of NH&MP shall be used for pilot / escort duties.

Introduction of special patrolling, where all senior officers including  SSsP , DIsG and the I.G come out on road to check violation of traffic rules.  
Officer Patrol3 Officer Patrol1

Special emphasis on

Lane discipline


Seat belt discipline

 seatbelt (24)

Checking of over speeding

Speed Check1

Checking of under-age driving

Use of Safety helmets  Helmet
Checking of high beams and rear lights  HighBeam
Successful campaign against overcharging  Overcharging
Campaign against overloading of passengers & goods Overloading
Formation of Anti-Crime Squad Anti Crime Squad

Road Safety Awareness

Reorganization of Mobile Education Units




Vigorous campaigns for public awareness



Road Safety awareness campaigns and seminars

Motivational talks given to the youth at various educational institutions across the country.

  Travel advisory through FM Radio
  Briefing at Toll Plazas
Briefing2 Briefing1

Welfare Initiatives

  Improvement of residential and messing facilities at the Beat Camps
 Mess4 Mess1
Mess2 Mess3
  Speech and essay writing competitions
  Speech1 Speech3
  Mess Nights
  Mess Night1 Mess Night2
  Sports Activities
Sports1 Sports2
  Performance based Reward System
  Special Welfare Package for employees of NH&MP
1.  Shaheed / Deceased Package comprises upon the following amenities: –
1) Shaheed/Deceased
BPS Security Related Death In service Death
20 & Above Rs. 7,500,000/- Rs. 5,000,000-
18 & 19 Rs. 3,500,000-
17 Rs. 2,500,000-
08 to 16 Rs. 1,500,000-
01 to 07 Rs. 1,000,000-
2) Maintenance Allowance
BPS Amount (Per month)
20 & Above Rs. 30,000/-
18 & 19 Rs. 25,000/-
17 Rs. 20,000/-
08 to 16 Rs. 15,000/-
01 to 07 10,000-
3) Educational Stipends
BPS Amount (Per Year)
20 & Above Complete Free
18 & 19 Rs. 200,000/-
17 Rs. 150,000/-
08 to 16 Rs. 100,000/-
01 to 07 Rs. 75,000/-
2.  House Building Advance (HBA) to employees of NH&MP
a) HBA will be granted to Permanent employees who have completed (05) Years length of Service
b) HBA will be granted to the employees once in service
BPS Amount (Per Year)
11 & Above Rs. 1,000,000/-
01 to 10 Rs. 500,000/-

Introduction of Modern Technology

  Revitalizing Helpline 130
 Helpline-1 Helpline-2
  Issuance of driving licenses by NH&MP
 Licence3 Licence1
  Establishment of Fog & Weather information centers
Fog Info Centre Fog Info Centre Sukheki