Tribute to Martyrs

In saving yours, they sacrificed their lives

They say “Nothing comes easy”. True! Roads of Pakistan were treacherous and turbulent but NH&MP had the vision to make these roads friendly and safe for travel. Officers of NH&MP devoted themselves whole-heartedly and worked with undying passion and sincere devotion. NH&MP has succeeded in bringing the number of road casualties down considerably, but in doing so, lost some brilliant officers. This can be truly termed as SACRIFICE FOR THE NATION”
APO M. Idrees
HC/APO Muhammad Idrees
(Date of Shahadat : 17-May-2018)
SPO M. Aslam SPO Kamran Shahzad APO Khalid Mehmood
IP/SPO Muhammad Aslam
(Date of Shahadat : 09-Mar-2016)
IP/SPO Kamran Shahzad
(Date of Shahadat : 05-July-2014)
HC/APO Khalid Mehmood
(Date of Shahadat : 09-Sep-2013)
IP/SPO Mubashir Hussain Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 06-Jul-2013)
SI/PO Shamim Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Mar-2013)
Constable/JPO Abdul Samad
(Date of Shahadat : 12-Sep-2012)
UDC Muhammad Idrees Kashif
(Date of Shahadat : 31-May-2012)
IP/SPO Kausar Perveen
(Date of Shahadat : 19-Nov-2011)
IP/SPO Iqbal Ahmed Samo
(Date of Shahadat : 21-Jun-2011)
IP/SPO  Muhammad Adnan Gul
(Date of Shahadat : 04-Sep-2010)
IP/SPO  Qasim Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 04-Sep-2010)
IP/SPO Imtiaz Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 04-Sep-2010)
SI/PO Sajid Ali Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 13-Aug-2010)
SI/PO Azhar Hussain Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 24-Jul-2010)
SI/PO Waseem Anwer
(Date of Shahadat : 05-Feb-2010)
SI/PO Shah Iran
(Date of Shahadat : 25-Oct-2009)
IP/SPO Javed Iqbal Khoja
(Date of Shahadat : 23-Jul-2009)
SI/PO Muhammad Firdous
(Date of Shahadat : 06-Dec-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Nawaz Cheema
(Date of Shahadat : 17-Oct-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Ishaq
(Date of Shahadat : 17-Oct-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Ajmal Khan
(Date of Shahadat : 25-Jul-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Idrees
(Date of Shahadat : 03-May-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Aslam Niazi
(Date of Shahadat : 01-Mar-2008)
IP/SPO Muhammad Iqbal
(Date of Shahadat : 12-Jul-2007)
SI/PO Nusrat Hussain
(Date of Shahadat : 05-Jun-2007)
SI/PO Safdar Hussain
(Date of Shahadat : 12-Feb-2007)
SI/PO Imran Khan
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Dec-2006)
IP/SPO Mehmood Ali Dogar
(Date of Shahadat : 10-Sep-2006)
SI/PO Safdar Islam
(Date of Shahadat : 06-Aug-2006)
Constable/ JPO Dilshad Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 19-May-2006)
SPO Sher Bahadur
IP/SPO Sher Bahadur
(Date of Shahadat : 27-Oct-2006)
Constable/JPO Muhammad Riaz
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Jun-2005)
IP/ SPO Mukhtar Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 24-Nov-2003)
SPO Ahmed A li Shaikh
SI/PO Asim Nawaz
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Dec-2003)
SI/PO Syed Masood Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 13-Sep-2003)
IP/ SPO Ahmed Ali Shaikh
(Date of Shahadat : 08-Nov-2003)
SPO Sarfraz Ahmed
SI/SPO  Sarfraz Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 05-April-2002)
IP/ SPO Sardar Khan
(Date of Shahadat : 23-Mar-2002)
SI/PO Liaqat Ali
(Date of Shahadat : 01-Sep-2001)