Tribute to Martyrs

In saving yours, they sacrificed their lives

They say “Nothing comes easy”. True! Roads of Pakistan were treacherous and turbulent but NH&MP had the vision to make these roads friendly and safe for travel. Officers of NH&MP devoted themselves whole-heartedly and worked with undying passion and sincere devotion. NH&MP has succeeded in bringing the number of road casualties down considerably, but in doing so, lost some brilliant officers. This can be truly termed as SACRIFICE FOR THE NATION”
IP/SPO Mubashir Hussain Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 06-Jul-2013)
SI/PO Shamim Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Mar-2013)
Constable/JPO Abdul Samad
(Date of Shahadat : 12-Sep-2012)
UDC Muhammad Idrees Kashif
(Date of Shahadat : 31-May-2012)
IP/SPO Kausar Perveen
(Date of Shahadat : 16-Nov-2011)
IP/SPO Iqbal Ahmed Samo
(Date of Shahadat : 21-Jun-2011)
IP/SPO  Muhammad Adnan Gul
(Date of Shahadat : 04-Sep-2010)
IP/SPO  Qasim Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 04-Sep-2010)
IP/SPO Imtiaz Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 04-Sep-2010)
SI/PO Sajid Ali Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 13-Aug-2010)
SI/PO Azhar Hussain Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 24-Jul-2010)
SI/PO Waseem Anwer
(Date of Shahadat : 05-Feb-2010)
SI/PO Shah Iran
(Date of Shahadat : 25-Oct-2009)
IP/SPO Javed Iqbal Khoja
(Date of Shahadat : 23-Jul-2009)
SI/PO Muhammad Firdous
(Date of Shahadat : 06-Dec-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Nawaz Cheema
(Date of Shahadat : 17-Oct-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Ishaq
(Date of Shahadat : 17-Oct-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Ajmal Khan
(Date of Shahadat : 25-Jul-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Idrees
(Date of Shahadat : 03-May-2008)
SI/PO Muhammad Aslam Niazi
(Date of Shahadat : 01-Mar-2008)
IP/SPO Muhammad Iqbal
(Date of Shahadat : 12-Jul-2007)
SI/PO Nusrat Hussain
(Date of Shahadat : 05-Jun-2007)
SI/PO Safdar Hussain
(Date of Shahadat : 02-Feb-2007)
SI/PO Imran Khan
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Dec-2006)
IP/SPO Mehmood Ali Dogar
(Date of Shahadat : 10-Sep-2006)
SI/PO Safdar Islam
(Date of Shahadat : 06-Aug-2006)
Constable/ JPO Dilshad Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 19-May-2006)
Constable/ JPO Muhammad Riaz
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Jun-2005)
SI/PO Asim Nawaz
(Date of Shahadat : 03-Dec-2003)
IP/ SPO Mukhtar Ahmed
(Date of Shahadat : 14-Nov-2003)
SI/PO Syed Masood Shah
(Date of Shahadat : 13-Sep-2003)
IP/ SPO Sardar Khan
(Date of Shahadat : 23-Mar-2002)
SI/PO Liaqat Ali
(Date of Shahadat : 01-Sep-2001)