Penalty Table

Code Offence Penalty (Rs) Imprisonment
A20 Driving when disqualified 1000 Upto 6 Months
A21 Obtaining or Applying for a driving licence without disclosing particulars of endorsement 500-1000 Upto 6 Months
A22 Offence relating to construction of vehicle 500-1000 Upto 6 Months
A23 Offence relating to permits 1000-2000 Upto 6 Months
A24 Overloading of goods 15 % in excess of permissible limits. 1000-5000 Upto 1Month
A25 Overloading of passengers 30 % in excess of permissible limits 1000-5000 Upto 1Month
A26 Offence relating to accidents 1000-2000 Upto 6 Months
A27 Taking vehicle without lawful authority 1000-2000 Upto 6 Months
A28 Unauthorized interference with vehicle 500-1000 Upto 6 Months
A29 Willful disobedience or obstruction of lawful orders. 1000-2000 Upto 6 Months
A30 Altering a licence or using an altered or forged licence. 1000-3000 Upto 6 Months
A31 Driving a transport vehicle without obtaining a licence or without a licence which is effective or without a licence applicable to the vehicle driven 500-1000 Upto 1Month
A32 Taking part in unauthorized race or trail or speed. 1000-2000 Upto 1Month
A33 Overtaking by transport vehicle dangerously where prohibited. 500-1000 Upto 1Month
A34 Driving at speed 40 KM/H higher then specified. 750-1500 Upto 1Month
A35 Driving a vehicle not covered by a certificate of fitness 500-1000 Upto 3 Months
A36 Failing to stop when ordered by a police officer in uniform. 500-1000 Upto 1 Month
A37 Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive or under influence of drug or alcohol 5000-10000 Upto 1 Month
A38 Driving recklessly 500-1000 Upto 1 Month
B20 Exceeding speed limits by less then 40 KM/H 750
B21 Carrying passengers in a public service vehicle less then 30 % in excess of the permissible limits. 1500
B22 Failure to observe traffic signals
(i) Amber flashing
(ii) Red flashing
(iii) Red Light
B23 Carrying goods less then 15% in excess of permissible load 1000
B24 Overtaking where prohibited. 300
B25 Failure to yield the right of way to other vehicle. 300
B26 Interfering with an emergency vehicle. 500
B27 Loading in excess of the restriction of dimension of goods. 500
B28 Driving at night without proper lights. 1000
B29 Driving on the wrong side of the road. 500
B30 Disobeying stop signs. 500
B31 Improper crossing of railway track. 500
B32 Following too closely or cutting in sharply 300
B33 Driving with rear screen covered.
i) Partially
ii) Fully.
B34 Jumping traffic queue. 500
B35 Failing to dip headlight for other traffic. 500
B36 Driving wrong way in one way street. 500
B37 Using turn indicator for any purpose other then described. 300
B38 Playing where prohibited. 500
B39 Improper loading of goods. 500
B40 Failing to observe lighting hours. 500
B41 Obstructing traffic 500
B42 Failure to observe slow sign. 200
B43 Driver of motor cycle without safety helmet. 200
B44 Failure to stop for school bus 200
B45 Prohibited lane changing. 200
B46 Disobeying yield signs. 200
B47 Failure to protect beginner driver etc. 200
B48 Failure to yield of way to pedestrian 300
B49 Careless driving. 300
B50 Driving without driving licence. 750
B51 Driving an unregistered vehicle. 500
B52 Driving a motor vehicle without a certificate of “No fault insurance coverage”. 1000
B53 Carrying passengers in dangerous position in a transport vehicle. 750
B54 Opening doors dangerously. 200
B55 Improper turn (turn from wrong lane). 300
B56 Improper lane usage (lane straddling). 200
B57 Driving vehicle emitting smoke, visible vapours, grits, sparks, ashes or oily substance. 500
B58 Using horn in silence zone. 200
B59 Driving motor vehicle producing unduly harsh, shrill, loud or alarming noise. 300
B60 Improper U-turn 300
B61 Other violations listed in part (i) and (ii) of the eighth schedule. 300
B62 More then 0.5M from the curb. 200
B63 Parking on a side walk. 200
B64 Less then 0.5M from another car. 200
B65 Parking on Zebra crossing. 300
B66 Less then 3 M from fire hydrant. 200
B67 Less then 10 M from a stop sign 200
B68 Less then 10 M from intersection. 300
B69 Parking in a “No parking” zone. 300
B70 Parking in front of entrance to premises. 300
B71 Parking on a bus stop. 200
B72 Parking on a bridge. 300
B73 Parking on the road pavement outside municipal limit. 200
B74 Parking on a footpath. 200
B75 Parking on or near brow of a hill. 200
B76 Parking on grass verge. 200
C21 Any other offence. 500
C22 Committing C21 subsequently. 1000