Drivers Licencing Authority – Introduction

In the Year 1997, a Modern, Efficient and Professional Police Force was raised to manage traffic on the newly built Motorway between Islamabad and Lahore (M-2). The core values of Courtesy, Honesty and Public Service of NH&MP represented a fundamental transformation of the prevailing policing paradigm in Pakistan. This was a pleasant change which earned instant appreciation and respect of the people.

DLA Intro
“Driving is a Privilege, Not a Right”

Analysis of the road accidents in Pakistan reveals that most of the accidents occurred due to serious mistakes, criminal negligence and inability of the drivers to drive safely. These accidents reflect lack of knowledge and traffic sense on part of the drivers involved, pointing to the faulty and substandard system of issuance of drivers licences based on corruption and connection. Mostly the licences are issued without proper theoretical and practical driving tests. Some of the licencing authorities even issue the licence without the presence of the applicants. In all countries the system of issuance of driving licence is based on the concept of Road Safety, which was missing in the existing system. The present system of issuance of driving licence lacks the element of transparency and is extremely faulty due to which driving licences are issued to non-deserving applicants which ultimately becomes a licence to kill and resultantly about 13,000 innocent persons lose their lives every year. Furthermore, in our country the public often expresses its mistrust and dissatisfaction with the cumbersome process of drivers licence issuance.

Moreover, the National Highway Safety Ordinance 2000 stipulated, vide its section No. 90(q), for the establishment by NH&MP of a competent Drivers Licencing Authority and drive testing facility. Having established its credibility with an unblemished record of integrity and professionalism, there had been an earnest and longstanding public demand that NH&MP should start issuing Driving Licences.

Drivers Licensing Authority (DLA) located in Sector H-8/2, Islamabad

Drivers Licensing Authority (DLA) located in Sector H-8/2, Islamabad

The Inspector General of National Highways & Motorway Police, Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema, therefore, took this landmark initiative of establishing a credible Drivers Licencing Authority (DLA) to bring competent and disciplined drivers on the roads. After thorough research and consultations with numerous experts, the Drivers Licencing Authority (DLA) was established by the NH&MP and was inaugurated by Minister of State for Communications, Mr. Abdul Hakeem Baloch on 25-06-2014 in Islamabad. It is located in Street No. 5, Sector H-8/2. The DLA of NH&MP would be extended to the provincial capitals in the next phase and thereafter to the rest of the country. Convenience, Efficiency, Merit and Transparency are the hallmarks of the newly established DLA.