Mirza Shakil Ahmad – Condolence

Mirza Shakil Ahmad


We Shall Not Forget

A condolence reference was held at Central Zone office, Lahore, to pay homage to the late DIG, Central Zone, Mirza Shakeel Ahmad. Inspector General, National Highways & Motorways Police Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema was chief guest for the occasion. The event was attended by CCPO Lahore Ch. Shafiq Ahmad, DIG, South Zone, A. D. Khawaja, father of late DIG Mirza Shakil Baig, Mirza Adrees Baig, father-in-law of the late DIG, Saleem Butt, SSP Tariq Nawaz Malik, SSP Mirza Faran Baig, SSP Usman Gondal, SP Athar Waheed and a large number of officers/officials of Motorway Police.


IGP Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said that honest earning, competence and hard work were basic traits of DIG Mirza Shakil Ahmad’s character and it was rare to find these three qualities in one single personality.  DIG Mirza Shakil Ahmad was an important pillar of the NH&MP team and his untimely death caused an irreparable loss to the police force. He further said that DIG Ahmad’s death was a personal loss to him as well.  IGP highlighted the efforts of the late DIG to resolve some long pending issues of the department, which remained neglected for a long period of time.



Mirza Adrees Baig, father of the late DIG Ahmad, said that the late DIG was a very kind-hearted person who was never seen getting angry. He further said that his death has not only affected his family but also left all his loved ones in deep sorrow.



Wafa, daughter of the late DIG, said that her father loved his job and was a caring father. She thanked ‘IG uncle’ for taking care of the family after the death of her father and sharing their grief in this testing time.


CCPO Lahore Ch. Shafiq, said on that he had never come across such a professional, good looking and capable officer during his entire service. The late DIG was a caring father, a good husband and an ideal human being.

DIG South Zone, A.D Khawaja, said that the sad atmosphere at the condolence reference shows that he was a kind and capable man.

SSP Mirza Faran Baig said that the late DIG possessed an enviable personality and he used to seek the late DIG’s guidance in many  matters. His untimely death is a great loss.

SSP Usman Gondal, SP Athar Waheed and other officers of Motorway Police also paid rich tribute to the deceased DIG.

At the end of the event a special prayer was held for the salvation of the soul of late DIG Mirza Shakil Ahmad and IG presented souvenir to the father of late DIG.


Below are the speeches held at the event.

Speech by Inspector General National Highways & Motorway Police

Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema:

Speech by Wafa Shakil daughter of Mirza Shakil Ahmad said:

Speech by Mirza Muhamamd Idrees father of Mirza Shakil Ahmad said:

Speech by DIG A.D. Khowaja said:

Speech by  CCPO Lahore Ch. Shafiq Ahmad said: