One of the core objectives of National Highways & Motorway Police is to provide timely help to the commuters in distress while traveling on highways and motorways.

Helpline-1     Helpline-2

To serve this purpose, NH&MP was allotted a short code 130 for establishment of an emergency helpline. This service was established in the last quarter of 2003. Helpline 130 is a round-the-clock operational unit for provision of timely support and nationwide help to the commuters in distress. Department is continuously striving to improve the Helpline 130 system by replacing the conventional helpline system with computerized call centers equipped with advance features and state of the art technologies. First Pilot project of computerized call center was inaugurated on 17th January, 2012 by the then IGP Mr. Wajid Ali Durrani at Islamabad.


Calls from commuters are received in the nearest Beat (basic unit covering around 40 to 50 km area) and the officer receiving the calls is responsible to collect all relevant information containing name of the caller, location, vehicle registration number, make and model, nature of problem, etc., and pass the same immediately to the field officer available nearest to the location as well as to the concerned service provider i.e. ambulatory service, workshop, recovery service, etc. The field officer takes care of the commuter and provides security and safety during the time the help is provided by various agencies.