Policy Statement

Kaleem Imam Message PicIG, NH&MP Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam on the onset complimented all the former police chiefs, especially the outgoing Police Mr. Shaukat Hayat besides existing officers and staff who had maintained the standards appreciated by every segment of the society.

He prioritize his policies as:

  • Firstly to sustain the prevailing best practices and continuously improve the procedures to meet the emerging challenges.


  • Secondly proactively contemplating new initiatives by synthesizing workforce realistic proposals. And not the least refining working environment, functioning proficiency, organizational structure, human resource development and optimum utilization of the assets.


  • Thirdly to continue its tradition of service to the people along with firm enforcement of traffic laws blending professionalism with integrity in courteous manner.

He urge workforce to live a life to make a difference where they can. Be a person who inspires to be one’s best version and avail the chance to change and improve their performance. He suggested Rising by lifting others. Build their dreams before someone hire them to build his.

He motivated by saying that NH&MP needs good persons like them, so strive to ensure a safe and secure driving environment and implementation of road safety regime on National Highways and Motorways. Politely with service above self, offer swift assistance to road users in distress, while saving citizens lives and property.

He concluded in the statement issued that they can do it, and he was sure they shall make it happen.  Assuring them of all support with the conviction that together we can do so much.

The bottom line being “let our performance and life be a proof that we love country”.