Plaque-unveiling ceremony of Sindh’s first road safety institute was held in Karachi on 16-07-2014.         World-class drivers licenses started by NH&MP         NH&MP Drivers Licencing Authority inaugurated on 25-06-2014 at NH&MP Lines Headquarters, Islamabad          Latest information regarding weather/Road conditions on national Highways i.e. N-5, N-10 & N-25, as well as Motorways will be broadcasted on National Radio Network on the frequency FM-93.0 MHz as per following schedule:- (i) 08:10 AM (ii) 09:05 AM (iii) 01:05 PM (iv) 04:05 PM & (v) 07:05 PM.        
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To ensure a safe and secure driving environment on Highways & Motorways.

Mission Statement

Service above self, to ensure safety & security of road users, and provide prompt assistance to road-users in distress. In this endeavour, it is indeed our commitment to extend due respect to all road users, be fair and uphold ethical practices at all times.

Message from the Inspector General Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema, PSP,TI

I have taken over as Inspector General Police of National Highways & Motorway Police. It is a great honour to command this excellent force. I have not come here to relax or enjoy. I will continuously strive to wake up and shake up this force to make it corruption free organization. We - me and my team of senior Commanders shall make all out efforts to regain the lost prestige of this organization and to convert it into a Model Institution which would enjoy the trust, respect and love of the people of Pakistan.


  • Normal Speed for normal people

  • It’s better to be late than Mr. late

  • Better late than never

  • Always observe Speed limits

  • Over speeding is dangerous for you and others

  • Manage your speed according to weather and road and vehicle conditions

  • Ensure your vehicle is within speed limits and fit

  • A Fast drive could be your last drive

  • Over speeding results in damage to you, your vehicle and others

  • Are you wise enough to over speed at the cost of your life



  • Never use mobile phone while driving

  • Always park the vehicle on the left side of the road if attending or making any necessary call or reading/writing text messages

  • Choose between life and mobile call while driving

  • No call is more important than your life while driving

  • The most expensive mobile call is while driving

  • Don’t make a mobile call while driving - a call at the cost of your life

  • Connecting mobile line while driving may disconnect your life line

  • Be careful, life is precious. While driving keep mobile off and seat belts on


  • Seat belts save lives

  • We are responsible for wearing seat belts for children under 16

  • Be responsible and fasten your seat belts

  • Buckle up to save lives

  • Your Seat Belt keeps you from being thrown from the car in an accident

  • Air bags are practically useless without Seat Belts

  • Chance takers are Accident makers

  • Always ensure that standardized seat belts are installed in your vehicle

  • Always fasten seat belts before starting your journey

  • Buckle Up! Drive Alert...Arrive Alive


  • Observe lane discipline.

  • Lane driving is sane driving.

  • Use proper indicators while changing lanes.

  • Be sane drive in lane

  • Obey traffic rules and follow the queue

  • Keep in your lane and avoid frequent lane changing

  • Lane discipline reduces chances of accidents

  • Always keep in your lane

  • Lane discipline shows discipline of a nation


  • It’s better to crash into a nap- than to nap into a crash

  • Alert today Alive tomorrow

  • Safety is not Automatic, think about it

  • Always ensure a good and comfortable sleep before start of journey

  • Some medicines cause drowsiness, so be careful

  • Make breaks to keep fresh yourself during long journey

  • Tea & coffee helps to make driver fresh

  • Fresh air is helpful in keeping driver alert

  • Take 15-20 minutes break after 2-3 hours continous drive.


  • Ensure that your vehicle indicators are working properly

  • Proper use of indicators saves from accidents.

  • Indicators are the best way to communicate others.

  • Avoid using indicator continuously.

  • Use of proper indicators alerts the traffic approaching you.

  • Be sure to cancel your indicator once the maneuver is complete.

  • Indicators reflect your intentions.


  • Alert today Alive tomorrow

  • Night Doubles traffic troubles

  • Always take a good and comfortable sleep before starting your journey

  • Medication may cause drowsiness while driving

  • Take breaks to keep fresh yourself during long journey

  • Tea and coffee helps to make drivers feel fresh during long journey

  • Fresh Air is helpful in keeping drivers alert

  • Always be alert while driving because your loved ones are waiting for you at home


  • Pedestrians have the right of way

  • Always use the foot path

  • Be visible - Be safe

  • Pedestrains are most vulnerable road users

  • Use reflector at night while walking on road

  • Always use Zebra-crossing, overhead bridges and under passes to cross the road

  • Don't cross the road at curves

  • Stop, look, and ensure it is safe, before crossing the road

  • Always walk by facing in coming traffic

  • Don't allow kids to walk/play on roads

  • While walking with kids, keep them away from road


  • Overloading is uncivilized act, avoid it.

  • Due to overloading a heavy cost occurred over Highways & Motorways rehabilitation

  • Overloading can cause any serious Incident or Accident.

  • Overloading cause damage of your vehicle

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